Whether you’ve got one office or one hundred, you can put growth on repeat

The proven estate agency software platform

You put growth on repeat for your business when…

  • You start to uncover the numerous opportunities hidden in your data
  • You stop filling in spreadsheets and start using real-time analytics
  • Your client account automatically balances before breakfast
  • Your sales and lettings teams work in harmony from the same data
  • Your questions are answered promptly by a team who understand the technology and your business

Reapit can offer you a better solution to put the best practices and processes in place for consistent, sustainable, repeatable growth in the face of constant industry change. This is how…

A single view

One view of your customer across sales and lettings and property management, desktop and mobile, … everything.

With a unified platform you can look forward to:

  • Better collaboration between teams and offices
  • Task-driven dashboards to keep your team focused
  • Penny-perfect client accounts
  • Tools to beat online agents at their own game
  • A fully mobile workforce
  • Perfect Proptech integrations

A smarter start

A head start that begins with a surprisingly seamless transition of your data and processes delivered properly from day one.

Our highly-experienced team manage your move to our platform with:

  • A detailed project plan and dedicated resource
  • Seamless integration with your other systems
  • A firm understanding of your business objectives
  • Comprehensive training and consultancy
  • A focus on process improvement and simplicity
  • Quick wins to drive business growth

A better business

Business insights and real-time analytics to ensure data-driven growth and improvement throughout your business:

  • Real-time dashboards for market appraisals and more
  • Algorithms to identify issues with key business activities
  • Build custom reports across hundreds of data points
  • Value reports to identify additional opportunity
  • Drill-down to data at an office and individual level
  • Fully audited client accounts on demand

A stronger relationship

Ongoing training and consultancy, plus the best support in the business:

  • A dedicated success manager with industry experience
  • Have your say on future developments
  • Regular reviews to identify opportunities and efficiencies
  • Value reports to identify additional opportunity
  • Proactive support to solve issues before you find them
  • Accredited training and 24/7 e-learning

The RPS Enterprise solution


Estate Agency CRM

Grow your lettings portfolio while reducing operational costs – unlock the lettings opportunities sat in your sales data.

Lettings Agency CRM

Grow your lettings portfolio while reducing operational costs – unlock the lettings opportunities sat in your sales data.

Property Management

Keep things organised with a task driven solution for every aspect of managing your managed portfolio, including comprehensive reporting and journaled contact history.

Client Accounts

Start the day with a penny perfect client account that balances effortlessly, reconciles in minutes and keeps payments organised automatically.


From high-street to hybrid, you can offer a comprehensive self-service solution that integrates seamlessly with your core operations to beat online agents at their own game.


Whether you’re at a viewing, a valuation or just in between appointments, you can work flexibly on any device at any time.


Drive business insight and improvement in real-time with our comprehensive reporting and analytics suite.

£4bn in lost agency commission

We studied over 100,000 properties that came off the market in 2017.