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RPS Client Accounts

With tenant fees under threat and landlords demanding more for less, your agency will most certainly have to adapt to major legislative and market challenges in the next 12 months. From ensuring compliance to providing excellent self-service online, RPS has the PropTech, the processes and the people to help you prevail.

Our client accounts solution is the cornerstone of a fully integrated agency where front and back office systems and processes work together seamlessly to help grow your business, while saving time and money too.

Our Products

Penny perfect.

Our daily reconciliation processes ensure that your accounts always balance. Issues are dealt with proactively and our dedicated team of client accountants make sure your account is balanced to the penny, every day.

Efficient banking.

Our automated processes mean there is no need for manual receipting. We match payments to tenancies and invoices. This automated and scalable aspect of our solution minimises errors.

Certainty over compliance.

All client money is automatically tracked and every action journalised to provide a full audit trail. A number of safeguards are in place to prevent mistakes and misuse, like preventing users from overdrawing on the client account.

Direct Debits.

Streamline your rent collection processes with direct debit payments. Bulk instructions can be sent automatically to the BACS bureaux for creation, collection or termination of instructions; a significant time saver and a huge help in minimising tenant arrears.

Reporting on everything.

With everything in a single database, reports can be run to examine and cross-reference virtually any aspect of your combined front office, property management and client accounts data.

100% accredited

Reapit is an accredited supplier for the National Approved Lettings Scheme (NALS) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW). RPS continues to be the only combined software solution in the industry – for sales, lettings, property management and client accounts – to hold both accreditations. NALS and ICAEW both rigorously test the software to stringent standards.


Direct debits

Direct Debit is now a viable method for tenants to pay their rent. Reapit's RPS Client Accounts solution offers functionality for Direct Debit instructions to be set-up, managed and tracked. Download the guide to find out more.


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